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25 February 2014, 10:43

The Old and the New

This December (the one just past), I was lucky in that I had the chance to be in England for over 2 weeks, with the biggest chunk of time spent in Glastonbury. I can’t imagine anyone who loves myths and mythical beings who wouldn’t love Glastonbury—there was a palpable energy around the place, and really all the places I managed to visit in England. The earth fairly thrummed with a magical vibration beneath my feet, and I learned many unexpected things about myself, including how bad I am at climbing hills. (OK, I already knew that, but not how awfully bad. I still kept at it.)

View from Wearyall Hill

I also visited Tate Britain in London, and it was hard to leave—I imagine I could learn a lot by studying the art there (especially the 20th century stuff I love, when the Neo-Classical and Romantic periods reigned, and Post-Impression was just beginning). The paintings were a lot larger than I expected. The detail and impact they held was just woah, and they made a great case for working, well, larger. It’s still something I’m chewing on.

Coming back from England and looking at my pictures, I grappled with a kind of performance anxiety for a while: Could I be as good? Where would I go next? Had my art grown at all? What should I do now? I found I couldn’t start on anything new until I could move beyond what I’d done before; Some of the paintings (still in my possession while having been available for sale) called for me to add more and take them farther. I hesitated on the account of other artists’ advice that you should never revisit one’s old work, but well, it seemed I needed to. Two paintings got reworked: The Rose Angel and Emergence.

Anael--Old and New Emergence--Old and New

Waiting for me to finish was still “Welcome Rest” (leftmost piece below), a sketch I first started on for December’s Sketch Fest. I don’t remember how conscious I was of this at the time, but if you know the Chinese Five Elements, there is some interesting symbolism in here I can only quirk a smile for right now. I finished this this past weekend, along with two more watercolour sketches for the latest Sketch Fest:

Welcome Rest Goddess of Tears Lady Luck

Yeah, I think I can move on to the new stuff now.


9 January 2014, 14:09

Starting 2014 on a Pawsitive Note

I can’t believe I made that pun.

My first market of 2014 is Pawsitive Market at Dempsey Hill on Sunday the 19th of January. It is a market and pet adoption drive, and I’ll be offering my pet portrait services along with my usual art prints and stationery. While I can always paint “live” portraits, it’s hard to say if circumstances at the market will allow me to do that, but portraits from photographs, starting at SGD $56 (including local registered mail) can be ordered, and your digital photographs emailed to me.

This is a smattering of my pet portraits in watercolour, some of them from the recent round of Christmas commissions. These make lovely gifts and mementos.

Pawsitive Flea Market Nellie Quiet Contentment Hedgehog Portrait Two Labradors Game of Chess

You can also come by and see the animals for adoption, of course!


19 November 2013, 11:50

Vacation Season

It’s the school holidays now in Singapore until New Year’s Day, and I’ll be doing some major traveling, once in November, and once in December. I know Christmas is the major busy period (and I am!) but for international orders, I’m setting my “cut-off” date for Christmas deliveries for December 6th—This means, any orders after that date may not be able to reach you for Christmas. For custom paintings, orders in time for Christmas are now CLOSED.

I’m also rather disappointed to report I am not able to do the last Samsara Sunday market of 2013, nor MAAD at the Red Dot Traffic Museum, because the dates for these two markets have wound up clashing with either travel or an important commitment. If there is something you’d like to purchase, please do visit my etsy store and catch it while it’s open—I’ll be closing it 19th November – 24th November, and then 12th December – 31st December.

Thanks for your support!


20 October 2013, 11:25


I’ve been busy creating and putting listings on etsy for my popular Christmas items—and new ones, as well! Just pop over to my etsy store.

Two new paintings:

Sea Kelp & Starfish Crown of Autumn

And one local market at the end of October (one day only, the 26th):

Flea for Good October 2013

The next one after that will be MAAD November!

20 September 2013, 22:19

Less than 100 Days Left to 2013

I can’t even describe how busy things have been for the last 6 weeks! I surprised myself by pulling an all-nighter at one point (nothing I can show right now, alas), and managed to squeeze in two markets and even a couple of Sketch Fests.

The Gardening Angel An Eerie Evening Angel of Destiny The Coral Headdress Chempaca Nellie

The biggest update I can share is that I have left my tour-guiding job, and have been working full time as an artist and illustrator (again). The jobs and opportunities have been wonderfully abundant, and what I can say now (that I couldn’t before) is that I’m getting (and asking for) more help. I’m certain Christmas is going to come up on me before I know it, so I’m not shy repeating this call: If you’d like a custom portrait as a gift for someone (see the puppy above! see?) please don’t wait till the last minute. Order it now at Etsy. There’s the painting time AND shipping time to include!