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16 October 2014, 00:29

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping

(Into the future…) And here’s a peek at what’s coming up very soon. Mark your calendars!:

Samsara 6 Soap Workshop

The quarterly holistic fair along Haji Lane is returning very very soon, and this time for two days. (PANIC!) Not only will I be running my stall there, but I’ll also be hosting 2 workshops, one of which is a group game to produce collaborative mandalas. When I was explaining the game mechanics to a friend, they pointed out good-naturedly that only an artist could come up with that idea—actually, an artist and former gamer! (If I could still find my 8-, 12-, and 20-sided dice, I’d include them!) I’ll provide more information on both workshops once I know the time slots I’ve snagged. Come on by on Oct 25th and 26th!

Making an appearance at my market stall will be a very limited number of handmade notebooks. I’ve provided a preview of them here not much different from their actual size—but they are functional as well as wearable. Let’s just say they were the inspired result of a mad idea to combine bookmaking with jewelry. I really should have been painting instead (ahahahaha) but I think I should just accept the fact about myself that I’ll try making anything if the idea in my head looks pretty enough!

Speaking of making pretty things, if you’re up for learning a new craft and applying it toward Christmas gifts, join me for a soap workshop on November 30th. Spots are limited so please indicate your interest early and book the date! Materials and lunch will be provided and it’s going to be a fun day of scents and slippery soap.

If you came for art…

Raphael's Light Tara and Guan Yin's Still Centre Aspects Ariel Channeled Whole and Balanced

These above are all in the channeled paintings gallery—a new category! It’s also now a service offered at my Etsy store.

A portfolios section has also been set up.

I’ve been a busy bee and there’s going to be one more announcement coming up on the site soon, so watch this space.

(And just in case the title of this update got you hankering for the related song, I’ve provided the YouTube link.)


3 July 2014, 17:22

Turning and returning

Some paintings I’ve been working on in the last months have their work-in-progress shots below.

Vesica Pisces WIP 1 Vesica Pisces WIP 2 Seed of Life WIP Solar Center WIP Guanyin in Progress

There are lots of circles; in a manner of speaking I have found a way of working in which I find myself quite comfortable and uplifted, and constantly inspired. Not all the completed pieces will be posted to the site now as I am reserving them for a series, but you can see the ones I am showing in the general paintings gallery. I’ve always admired mandalas but never had quite the discipline or inclination to paint in purely circular/abstract forms, even though I’ve gone through periods of seeing mandalas behind my eyelids and before going to sleep—perks of regular meditation.

Some viewers may recognise the figures and symbols I’m using now as those of sacred geometry. I find the forms soothing to explore, and the organic figures naturally flow from the geometric shapes once I’ve laid them down. It sure takes composition dilemmas out of my hands! (If you’re interested in my spiritual wanderings, feel free to visit Magic & Meditation.)

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